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恒宇设计—— 赋能未来教育,开启校园新格局!

Hengyu Design Institute, as a "time-honored" architectural design institute in Chengdu, was acquired by Tianli 

Group in 2019 and became a wholly-owned independent subsidiary of Tianli Group With the listing of the group, 

the demand for school construction projects is constantly increasing, and the new generation of education is in 

urgent need of a high-quality environment with Chinese characteristics and advanced level in the world, which

promotes Hengyu Design Institute to make intensive efforts in the field of culture and education.

Tianli Hengyu Design Institute, as a group based on education operation, is always student-oriented and 

attaches great importance to the real use experience and practicality of teachers and students to explore the 

possibility of inter-grade and inter-disciplinary teaching space together with the education operation team 

through architecture, interior decoration, landscape plan and construction drawing Process design endows

the new generation of school buildings with high efficiency, high quality and high premium.And continuously 

study and upgrade the interaction between architecture, teachers and students and nature.Hengyu design takes 

the building interior and exterior space as the connecting point, realizing the comprehensive development of 

education modernization, teaching students according to their aptitude, and integrating knowledge and practice.

In 2020, we will set up "Visual and Cultural Innovation Design Lab" to assist the construction of campus culture

and improve the influence of school brand.

Horizon Design —— Enabling future education, opening a new campus pattern!